Sobre LOOT

A brief history

Founded on the beaches of Zihuatanejo in 2013 by Mexico City-born designer, Andrés Saavedra, and co-founder Tara Medina under the banner of design, branding, and construction firm ASD, LOOT is a multi-dimensional creative and arts hub operating outside lines previously drawn. Led by a collective of emerging young visionaries and tastemakers across the cultural spectrum of surf, lifestyle, art, and design, LOOT is more than a single brand or destination, it’s a philosophy.

Intertwining the urban and tropical halves of its core, LOOT has contemporary gallery, cafe and retail spaces located in Zihuatanejo and CDMX. Curating dynamic cultural, musical, epicurean, sensorial, and immersive experiences geared for fun and discovery, LOOT is a catalyst to the unconventional, avant-garde, and undiscovered, becoming a platform for artists and explorers to amplify the vibrant voices of today's forward thinkers across Mexico and beyond. 

Alongside an evolving digital footprint offering pathways to original content, design, and adventure, LOOT is an established brand at the forefront of innovative and creative strategy for real, augmented and unique experiences that push the boundaries of art, collaboration, and community to new parallels for pleasure and good living.